How does a nice girl like you . . .

I was married for a long time to a man who was not sexual enough for my liking.   We had sex at least once a month although we were not on the same page sexually.  He wasn’t verbal; come to think of it he never uttered one syllable during sex the entire marriage.  He was not experimental or open to sharing fantasies. Boring.

I do want it said that I never cheated on him or even thought of adding some extracurricular activities to my boring sex life.  I had never been in a threesome, with another woman,dominated or experienced anything other than my staid vanilla sex life.

After several years of silence I started talking (to myself, for sure) out loud during sex about my various fantasies. Still nothing! Not even a grunt of approval or interest…. Weird huh? Needless to say that was not very fulfilling and I am sure based on this information it will not come as a shock to you to hear that we are no longer married.

Well shortly after I was single I was introduced to “him” at a party by a mutual friend. Not my usual type but intriguing enough to talk to. We started talking on the phone (lot’s of leading fact-finding by him, but that’s a story for later) and had a couple of vanilla dates. One evening (after sushi with the girls and several sakes) I was talking to him on my way home and asked him to come over.

He walked in and we started talking and I realized that I was nervous. Was it nerves, attraction or both….hmmmm. After about a half of an hour he made his move (thank god) and kissed me. POW! That was it. The chemistry with just one kiss was amazing. That kiss excited me so much that I was really excited to see what the rest of the evening was going to be like. I was also curious (couldn’t wait) to see his cock. Was it going to be large or Small or Thick or thin. I was going to know soon enough.

We moved from where we were to the bedroom and started to play. Amazing. And that cock….Large and thick – whoopee jackpot! And wait, is he actually talking to me, wait a minute is he actually telling me that he wants to see me get fucked by another man….OH MY GOD. Here it was the man who I could have sex with and start to explore some (most) (all) off my fantasies. More to come, for sure!

It would be great to hear about your situations – please comment below.

One Response to “How does a nice girl like you . . .”
  1. I can’t wait to read more of your adventures it sounds like we could have something in common….. well me and the old her could…. my husband and I haven’t had sex in over 2 months…. our sex life used to be ok and only ok because he would give me oral before we would have sex this way I still got mine about 80% of the time the other 10% I wouldn’t cause he would think he knew what to do but when I tried to redirect him he wouldn’t change or continue what felt good so I would have to just be like ok put him in now (cause then I knew it would be over soon)…. my husband cums withing 5 thrusts usually and goes limp after about 2 minutes…. it has almost always been this way but we do change up how and where and still doesn’t make a difference…. I only fantasize about what sex could be like since I have only ever been with my husband I don’t know but I do fantasize often about being with 2 men…. oh man now you have me all hot and bothered… can’t wait to read some more… hurry please

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