Mr.’s Experience

I started in the “lifestyle” with my first girlfriend in college, yes I said college.  She brought it up, answered an ad in a local weekly (this was before the internet exploded) and we went to meet this couple, at their home.  The male of the couple answered the door, the look on his face was that of a lottery winner.  Standing before him was a very sexy 19 year old girl who explained over the phone how much she loved sex, especially giving oral & being fucked.  His wife had the same expression because she was bi and had this handsome built 19 year old boy who explained to her that he loved giving oral and can go many times over an evening.  So it began!  She and I built a group of friends that we could play with when the mood struck and it struck a lot.  Even today it is hard to believe that we were so young and open – I am forever grateful that she was my first foray into an adult relationship.

The next few relationships had some form of outside play or swinging “built-in” the woman always seemed excited that I was open and loving, yet a completely kinky.   I have never thought it odd for a woman to want more than one man at a time (actually makes perfect sense to me) or that she wants to experience another woman, beyond the high school/college drunk girl on girl play. I find it very sexy for a woman to own her sexuality and sexual drive – enjoy sex when and where you want.

Then I met Mrs. she looked like the consummate soccer mom (totally hot soccer mom).  Her previous relationship was very vanilla, so I figured she was not open to my “kinda loving”.  I began dropping “hints” when we first spoke on the phone for hours – she was never judgmental nor committal.  We kept this up until the first night we were together and she asked me to “cum on her tits” (for the record, I did with no problem).  Our sex life was mind blowing (some of the best I ever had – since it has become the best sex of my life).

While all this was happening in the bedroom our communications, values and fun grew to a point where it was undeniable, we were in love!  For the record I said it first and we were off to the races.

I have more experience in swinging in general sense, although I have no experience loving a person this much and watching them with someone else or seeing lust in her eyes (it is way better than just doing it with a fuck buddy).

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