Her 1st Time Alone

We have a play partner Ron (see Cast Page for more info) who we have been in our playing with for about 3 1/2 years. Throughout this time I have always wanted Ron and the Mrs. to play one on one. It is one of my turn ones.

One night when Ron came over we were talking and having some wine.  I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided I would go to the bathroom for an extended amount of time,  hoping that I would walk back in the living room and “catch” them playing. It never happened, each time I would turn the corner and they would be there… talking on  opposite ends of the couch, just as I left them.  How I wanted something different. Then one night before Ron came over I explained this desire to the Mrs.  She said she would try, but wasn’t sure she could do it.

After about 30 minutes of wine and conversation, I excused myself and spent about 15 minutes in the bathroom.  I was very hard and turned on by what was running through my head.   What I would see when I walked in: kissing, her sucking his cock, him sucking her tits or eating her pussy or nothing at all.  I prepared myself for just about anything, except what I saw.  She was laying on the couch with him on top of her making out like high school kids.  I went to reach for her and she pushed my hand away – so hot!   They kissed for what seemed like an hour.  The sounds they were both making turned me on to no end.  They were whispering to each other giggling – really getting turned on.

She broke the kiss,  and said she wanted to go into the bedroom.  She took his hand and I followed, rock hard.   He undressed her and then himself. He was hard as rock and she dropped to her knees sucking his cock as he told me how sexy it was “having my girl” and how well she handled his big cock.  I was jerking off and  just watching.  After a bit she stood up, turned her back to him and said “Fuck me”.  He needed no further encouragement and put his wrapped cock in her and fucked. From the sounds she was making it was obvious that he was fucking her really hard and really deep. While this was going on she was telling me how good”he” felt.  How big his cock was and how he knew just how to “take her pussy”.

At the same time he asked me if I liked watching her get fucked and sucking a big cock?   I said yes I loved it. She then laid on the bed getting eaten while I finally got my cock in her mouth. It took all I had to not explode immediately. He was eating her into orgasm after orgasm.  She then begged for him to finish while fucking her.  He got her in doggie and pounded away till he shot his cum into the condom in her pussy.  She told me how hot it got her feeling his big cock throb to in her wet pussy.

After he came, we said our good-byes as we always do, he left and she and I fucked and sucked till we could not move talking about the events of the night. What a great night!

One Response to “Her 1st Time Alone”
  1. Wow…. this is amazing….. I am so horny if only I wasn’t on strike from having sex with my husband

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