Our First MFM 3some

We had been together for about six months & had talked (and fantasized) often about adding someone to our playtime. Until this point the Mrs. had been a little (okay a lot) apprehensive about “jumping in”.  She was concerned that by actually fulfilling our fantasy and living it out we would be tainting it as the ‘real thing “could never compare to how much fun and how sexy it was when we played it out in the bedroom, by ourselves.

I had been gone for a week on business and was coming home on a Friday night.  I sort of felt that something was up because our phone sex and phone conversations had a bit of an edge to them that hadn’t been there before.  I felt like the Mrs. was in a really sexy head space. She was also throwing out teasing suggestive comments. She met me at the airport gave me a big hug hello and whispered in my ear that “Tonight is the night, you are going to get to see me  with someone else” she also told me that she wanted to try to find a guy to play with immediately when we got home. Oh my god, this was it.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself. I could not wait to get this party started! Waiting for my luggage…frustrating.  I was so excited.  We touched and talked about the night ahead on the entire drive home.

We came home poured ourselves a glass of wine and sat in front of the computer to see what we could find.   We posted an ad asking for what we wanted and waited to see if there were any responses. Wow, there were a few interesting prospects, we emailed them back and one made it to the top of the list. His name was Joe (6’1″ 200 brown hair, brown eyes late 40’s good-looking  and he was 8 ½ very thick  inches) and we  arranged for him to come over around 10 PM. So while we were waiting we started playing and having more wine (ok more than a little of each) so we were relaxed (read: BUZZED) and turned on.

While we were waiting we were trying to decide what the Mrs. should wear for her meeting with Joe.  She decided that she would be comfortable and feel sexy in a man tailored shirt with a thong and that would make a good first impression (Wow, she was right.  She looked so sexy).

At 10 PM the doorbell rang, I answered the door and went out to speak to Brain.  I wanted to let Joe know that this was The Mrs.’s first time and that she was a bit apprehensive. I wanted him to know that this should start slow and at worst he could watch us and at best join in but I wanted it to be up to her and let her lead the way.  A little back story: The Mrs. told me that she was not going to be doing anything with Joe, at most he could watch us, maybe massage her and he could jerk off while I fucked her.

The Mrs. was in the living room when she met Joe. He looked like his pictures (something we have learned is a gift) and had a calm confident air about him. We were all talking for a bit when I got up walked behind The Mrs. and started playing her tits (they are perfect at 36D, firm with amazing nipples), through the man tailored shirt, I did this for a couple of minutes and then my hand moved down to and inside her panties. The whole time I was playing with her she was looking into Joe’s eyes.  After a few minutes and while watching us play Joe asked if he could pull   his cock out and stroke it, and he did.  It was a beautiful cock about 8 1/2″ long very thick – just amazing.  We both watched him jerk his thick cock off while she reached back and played with my very thick hard cock and whispered.. This went on for a while so I suggested that The Mrs. (we all) would be more comfortable in our bedroom.

We entered the bedroom – We all got naked – The Mrs. laid down on the bed and we started kissing and to play a lot more.  Joe was a consummate gentleman standing at the side of them bed – I could not believe how hot it was and how well it was going.

So I go down on the Mrs. very focused on the task at hand. Obviously I can’t see what is going on so imagine how surprised I was when I looked up to see that  the Mrs. had his amazing cock in her hand, then her mouth (who could blame her) it was one of the sexist things I have ever seen.  Joe loved her blowjob.  The Mrs. was loving giving the blowjob.  Jackpot! After about 10 minutes of giving Joe his blowjob The Mrs. took his cock out of her mouth so that she could tell me that she wanted him to fuck her with his very thick and very hard cock.  She said she wanted to feel that fantastic cock in her pussy, nice and slow. Oh my god could this get any better? I didn’t think so, but it did!  On went the condom and on top of her he went. He fucked her missionary (slow & deep like she loves it) and then doggie (a bit faster & deeper). Her moans were so deep and erotic that I watched and jerked off There she was enjoying being fucked by someone else and watched by her lover, both of which she loved! I cannot describe how much I loved and connected with her in the moment when Joe came – deep and hard – moaning loudly and her asking for it all!

Who knew, an exhibitionist and a slut?  I’m a lucky man.

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