Our First MFM (Her Side)

Our sex life was/is amazing.  The talking, the caressing, the cuddling, the fucking, etc.  Jackpot!  I was so happy with our sex life that I ( for many reasons) was afraid to venture out and explore my fantasies.  Oh I knew that Mr. was extremely experienced and he had assured me that an expansion of our sex life would be fun.  After all he had had all of these amazing experiences in the past…didn’t I want to try any of it????. My thought, why mess with a good thing? Right?  I mean our sex life was fantastic…what else could it need?  Could the addition of other people and the exploration of fantasies be a good thing?  Aren’t some things left better in your head?  Isn’t reality a lousy substitution for a great fantasy?  These are some of the thoughts that were going through my head during this time.  I really need to stop thinking so much.

Slowly over many amazing evenings of playing and talking ( and I mean a lot of talking) all of these extra curricular activities started to sound fun.  And hot.  And sexy. I mean why not give it a whirl.  I like cocks….I like one cock, what could be so bad about having two cocks?  I couldn’t come up with an answer to this one so one evening while Mr. was out of town ( yes I was extremely horny and missed him terribly) I decided to let him know that I was ready to stick my toe ( or whatever) in the pond…

I picked him up at the airport and let him know that I was ready to move forward with one of the fantasy’s that we had talked about.  I wanted to be with two guys at once. Mmmmm, it was sounding better and better the more I thought about it. I was really excited to try it. We talked and planned and imagined the entire ride home from the airport.

When we got home we had a glass of wine and started to discuss what it was that I/we wanted.  I wanted to be able to go slow, test the water, have options, and maybe  just maybe do nothing at all.  I was really nervous.  This was all so new to me and I was really apprehensive.  And excited, but I think more nervous.  We posted an ad that was very specific and an ad that I felt described what we were looking for.  We had some responses and finally picked one guy that seemed to fit the bill.  He was the right age, the right height, had a large cock ( yipee!) and did not live far away.  We were off to the races.

I wanted to pick something out to wear that was sexy yet not to suggestive in case I chickened out.  I had this image of me wanting to grab my purse ( which I had decided to hide in case this guy was a creepy crook) and running out the door.  Fortunately the wine kicked in as did my desire to play.

He arrived, the Mr met him at the door and (as it was explained to me later) was filled in on the possibility of my not going through with the play as it was my first time.  He came into the living room we started to talk for a few minutes and the next thing I know is that Mr. is rubbing me from behind and Joe ( his name) has taken his cock out and is jerking off while he watches us.

Somehow we ended up on the bed and the next thing I remember is the Mr. going down on me and my turning to my left looking at Joe, seeing that beautiful cock in his hand and all I could think about was having that beautiful engorged dick in my mouth.  Well, so much for the apprehension…this was amazing. Two cocks at once….. what a great thing this was.  I wanted to fuck him so bad that I surprised myself when I asked the Mr. to get him a condom.  Wait a minute, was that me asking for another man to fuck me in front of my husband…..oh wait it was….oh my gosh is this who I am…   I guess so.  Yeah me!  I was in heaven.  I don’t know which I liked better fucking another man or fucking another man in front of my husband. FUN!

Feel Free To Leave a comment – even better tell me about your first MFM or FMF!

5 Responses to “Our First MFM (Her Side)”
  1. JeZeBeLLa says:

    I love it. This is one of my fantasies. Hubby and I have been with some single girls and a few couples but never just mmf. What a delicious story 🙂

    I’ve just found your blog today — loving it so far 🙂


  2. Threesomes are exhilarating as long as the green-eyed monster stays far away…especially for the one who has two of the other sex to play with! I just found your blog too and plan to look around more.

  3. Nat says:

    This is one of my fantasies and I have the same doubts and apprehensions …so nice to read about your experience and how well it turned out.

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