Finding New Playmate

With any new potential situation there are always a lot of mixed feelings. Excitement, apprehension, anxiety…etc.  Even though it is understood that you are meeting this person to have sex it’s still really weird.  Wait a minute, now that I think about it it’s probably even weirder than I had originally thought.  Aside from the fact that pretty much every person of the opposite sex that you met in high-school and college was potential sex partner it is different doing it as a ” mature” adult?  Anyways…

After Mr. and I had been playing for a while in threesomes we decided to look for a couple to play with.  Up went the ad on Craigslist to see what we would have to choose from.  Many contenders that evening, however one couple seemed the most interesting and geographically desirable (and they were real and they voice verified).  We decided to meet for dinner at a local restaurant the next evening to see where the meeting would take us.

So here’s the issue, for Mr. it’s easy to find play mates.  Usually he’s pretty flexible accepting and easy going, just like he was this evening.  Me…not so much.  I have to find the potential play partners attractive (to me), they have to have a decent personality (in my opinion) and be somewhat intelligent (again to me).

Alright so this couple seemed to fit Mr’s criteria ( surprise) but mine….not so fast on the draw there…I mean the woman was nice and the man was well attractive( check) seemed to be a decent enough guy (check) and seemed intelligent (check) so what was my problem.  Well here is it, there is a very fine line between meeting someone, knowing what this meeting is about, and having them intrigue, entice and interest you.  This guy just leered.  I mean he made me feel like an ice cream cone on a summer’s day that he just wanted to lap up.  Yech!  Come on guy, show a little less of your lecherous side and give me something that makes me want more of you instead on none of you.  He just made me want to run down the street as fast and as far away as possible.

Needless to say we parted company after the meal and went our separate ways.  I was really horny because I was really revved up earlier in those hopeful moments before the guy creeped me out so I still wanted to go home and screw our brains out…we did!

While there are certain events (sex clubs) and times where it’s just about the play  usually a situation where you meet at the play sight immediately) , there are times that certain decorum should be followed, don’t ya think?

Comments are always appreciated & enjoyed!

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