Why I Love To Watch

I have been asked many times “How can you watch your Mrs. with another man?” or “If you loved her you would only want her to be with you!”  I will tell you this, I love the Mrs. more than any one else, EVER!  She & I have the best sex I have experienced  (even after years & years).  We respect and cherish each other deeply – that is why I can give her this gift!

So back to the subject at hand – I love seeing her get & give pleasure, seeing her eyes roll back in her head from great oral or the level of excitement when a lover is coming over to fuck her. Then knowing we will talk about it for days/weeks/months while making love.  A couple of weeks ago she was with our massage boy – I came in the room a few times all I saw was a “normal” massage no sexual stuff.  Fast forward a couple of days later & she tells me he was eating her pussy, sucking her tits & fingering her for a while and she loved it.  Finally when I came in and started playing with her one breast, he the other, she came so quickly from my fingers on her clit (it surprised me).  No wonder he got her to the edge for over an hour – at one point she was so turned on she said “I need both those big thick cocks NOW!” such a turn on!

It is not better or worse than when I deliver the pleasure, just different.  I remember our last session, I was out of the room for a bit & came back in she begged me to find a condom so another man could fuck her “with his big fat cock”!  Or how she came so hard with him that she needed a nap 🙂  For me to stop that intense pleasure would be unloving!

Do you like watching your S.O. getting or giving pleasure? How do you feel when it happens?

11 Responses to “Why I Love To Watch”
  1. Tantrachick says:

    You and your lover have a wonderful connection…It sounds like you have found a balance that works for both of you! Many couples struggle with jealousy or communication issues while even contemplating a poly or open relationaship, but for those like yourselves, who feel comfortable and confident, swinging, open or poly sexual encounters can be truly blissful! Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories!

    In sensual blogging community, Joy a.k.a Tantrachick:-).

  2. naturegirl1 says:

    If you are inclined, read my two blogs on this very subject, we have much in common!

    We have always looked at it as “giving each other the gift of pleasure”. We stopped back in 2008, but the wonderful (and highly erotic!) memories will last for the rest of our lives.
    Take care

  3. Hubman says:

    I’m like you, I also love to see my wife give and receive pleasure from others, men or women. The 20+ yr connection she and I have just adds to it for me.

  4. JeZeBeLLa says:

    I love watching Trbl please another woman. I know how good it feels to have his attentions and I love sharing that pleasure with other people. I also love seeing him be satisfied by another. I love to watch his face as she pleases him or hear him talk to her. I love that he is totally comfortable giving and receiving pleasure and satisfaction from others.
    With 11 years of life under our belts, I am confident that our life together is exceptional and that the two of us value our relationship over all others so there is no fear for me when it comes to sharing him. I know he will come home with me or to me at the end of playtime. That the adventures we share will provide fantasy and sexy conversation for a long time.
    I am confident in my talents between the sheets but know that variety is the spice of life and what a wonderful gift to give your SO, the variety without fear, jealousy or insecurity.

  5. Josh says:

    I answered this in a blog post of my own. http://frustrateddeviant.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/on-watching-and-how-awesome-it-is-bonus-hnt-on-friday/

    I really like the topic. 95% of the time I think I would rather watch my wife than I would have her watching me. It is hot watching her control another guy.

  6. walkandroll says:

    Looks like you haven’t posted in a while but just ran across your blog and love it. We are newbies and you really leave us wanting to read more of your thoughts and adventures. So please come back to your blog and continue writing and even come by and visit our little blog.

  7. I am in complete agreement. The look on the other man’s face when Mrs. AP shows him something new; those things she does that make him buck and gasp and moan; the look on her face when she loses herself in the pleasure. Those are what I love about watching her and serve to remind me anew how wonderful she is.

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