Big Club Visit

We have been entertaining ( and fantasizing about)  the thought of going to a big swinger’s club for a while.  We would put it on the calendar and either life got in the way or something else would seem just as fun in the moment.  Still we were determined.  We waited till the timing was better and fortunately as this one Sunday approached  we had nothing to do (in real life) & found a party that took place in the afternoon. YEAH!!!!!

We packed our “sex bag” ( the possible topic of another post) , got directions and started our 50 mile journey to “The Club”.  On the way we talked about what we were hoping to do and how we would deal with things.  We arrived at the club, signed up (I am so proud of Mrs. she pulled our her ID without even a hint of “OMG what if . . .”), got a tour of the club & moved  to the bar area. We decided to relax , have a drink or two and survey the crowd.

As we sat we were approached by a single guy (yes they let single men in). He was very well-mannered and smart but did nothing for Mrs nor me.  I found myself wanting to help this guy out (and most single guys in general that are willing to put themselves “out there”) but it wasn’t my job.  It must be  difficult to enter a sex club alone and hope that you find a couple to play with.  In many ways it must be  really hard to be rejected at a swingers club rather than a Vanilla bar or club.  It’s not like there is any pretense about why you are there.

Fairly soon we started talking to a couple sitting at the table next to us .   They appeared pretty sexy however the moment the woman opened her mouth we could not imagine hear “that voice” when we were playing or quite frankly for more than 10 seconds longer.

We decided a change of location may help so we went to another lounge area, saw a few couples but nothing was going on so we decided to walk back into the play area.  The play area had 3 main locations group room (10-15 beds pushed together), small cubby area & then a “Couple” only section.  We went into the group area and watched 3 different woman getting fucked by anywhere from 3-7 men (very hot to watch) then we went to the “couples” area.  It was pretty slow & there was not really anything there that was drawing us in.  We went back out to the main area and watched a husband handing condoms out to men (after visually checking out cock size) then giving them access to his very sexy blonde wife who was servicing 3-4 men at any one time (we were in the club for 3 hours & she went at it the whole time).

We were kissing & touching while we sat and watched. No matter where we are or how long we have been together Mrs. gets me hotter than any scene or group.  After we were turned on we went back into the Couples area.  As we were about to walk out of the area we literally ran into a  couple who asks us if we want to play.  We agree and decide that we start with side by side play.  He was a good looking man (6′ 200 great body) she cute (5’7″ thick with big tits).  As we were making our way to an area with room for the four of us  Mrs. whispered to me that she was not into him but would be ok with side by side play.

We get to the area, get naked & Mrs. sees his HUGE HARD cock and I guess decided that it looked GOOD and that maybe she would play!  After we are playing for maybe 10 minutes  the hub asks if we want to switch Mrs knows a good offer when she hears it and immediately says “YES!” and opens her legs for him.   He goes down on her and his wife starts to suck my cock (like a pro).  I look over and Mrs. is in the throws of a strong orgasm. Record time….Go Mrs.! Mrs then sucks his big cock for a while, he then asks if he can fuck her she says “YES!” (getting the pattern).  He puts a condom on this 9″ very thick cock and puts Mrs. on her back telling her how sexy she is and how tight she is  – she is loving it – they go through a few different positions until I look over and there is my amazing partner riding this monster cock better than a porn star – with him playing with her tits & telling her how fucking hot she looks.

Finally after about 20 minutes of this fucking Mrs. cums for the 3rd time and he tells her he is about to cum & does, pulls out, takes off the condom & is still rock hard! Impressive to say the least.  Oh yeah, I ate his wife’s pussy till she came – then HAD to get my still hard cock into the Mrs.  I loved her telling me how fucking good it was to have his huge cock in her & how hot it was to have a new sexy hot man worship her.  Made me loose my mind…and load.

4 Responses to “Big Club Visit”
  1. Funny how in the heat of things a guy can become more attractive once his pants are down and his cock is up; I know I’ve fallen victim to it once or twice. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Can’t wait to hear about next time!

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. fruittaster says:

    That sounds like you had a positive experience at that club, thanks to that couple asking you last minute if you wanted to play! Thanks for the recounting, it was a hot read.

    I can’t help but comment about the voice of the lady in that first couple you talked to. Funny how bad voices can be a turn-off. I’m a sucker for beautiful female voices.

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