A Holiday Gift


It all started by wishing me (Mr.) wishing Ron Happy Holidays on Facebook.  Ron responded by saying he available and wanted to know if we could play.  I said you should wish Mrs. a Happy Holiday via text.  I had Ron do this because the last time he wanted to play he suggested, via text, a really intense idea that Mrs. was not comfortable with, she told him that she wasn’t into the idea and…no response.

In our conversations since that episode Mrs. expressed that she was not into him anymore.  She didn’t like that he just went away without a conversation regarding his suggestion.  It really pissed her off and made her wonder if she ever wanted to see him again….

Well, I was working when Mrs. came in and said Ron had texted her about coming over to play tonight – I asked how she felt about it – she said when she saw his name on her phone she became wet and although she was still perturbed about how he handled that last exchange her desire to be with him outweighed her desire to walk away.  We discussed it.  I was really excited to have him back in our bed (we all have great chemistry) and the Mrs. agreed so the two of them made plans for him to come to our house at around 9:30 then 9 then 8:30 finally 8:15 – well you get the idea.  The rub was  I had a dinner meeting about an hour away that evening and it could not be moved.

I suggested they begin without me (thinking it was a 9:30 start & I could be back by 10:15) well the time ended up at 8:15 and they had two solid hours of play before I could make it back.  I was very excited and could hardly concentrate on the drive to the meeting, dinner or the drive home.  It did not help that Mrs. called me at about 8:10 saying she was really excited and decided to forgo any clothing (we talked about her meeting him at the door in a sexy outfit) then talking for a bit, before retiring to the bedroom.  Well the change of plans meant he would just come in the front door, go to the bedroom where he would find her naked and ready for play.

I got a call on my way home (I received some texts during dinner that included “he is going down on me” to “he is so hard and thick”) so by the time I got this call “He is fucking me so good – hurry home we want you in bed with us”  I was ready to explode.  It took me a few more minutes before I “snuck” in the house.

I love walking in on her sucking or fucking another man.  Well the surprise I got was . . . him dressed and them talking holiday plans!  WTF.  This is the man that takes forever to cum – she said he told her he was so turned on that he couldn’t wait.   JEEZ . . I guess traffic and making a living can get in the wayof a really really good time!

. .  she will tell you all the details in her post.

2 Responses to “A Holiday Gift”
  1. Nastassja says:

    Loved reading this hot story and to find your blog after chatting on Twitter. Hope to hear her side of it, too!

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