Her Side Of The Story

Mr came in to tell me that he had been talking to Ron. Ron really???? Odd because we hadn’t heard from him for a while , actually I thought he’d moved on. Anyway at first blush I was a bit taken aback because our last exchange had been really weird. Ron had come up with an idea that he thought would be fun and when I didn’t jump at the suggestion ( actually I hated the idea) he dissapeared. So much for open dialogs, huh??? Well here he was again and hmmm how did I feel about it…well….good. I love fucking Ron. He’s sexy, smart, built well, is really well endowed ( 8″ or so..) and goes down on me like a champ! Okay I’m in.

However, the night that we agreed to get together it was a little dicey. Mr had a business dinner across town and that would leave me alone with Ron. Bummer, not really actually, it sounded really good. We discussed it. I was really excited to have him back in our bed (we all have great chemistry) and the Mr. agreed that he would go to the dinner and cut out as soon as possible to jump in and join in on the fun. We made a date for 9:30 and discussed what I would be wearing. I wanted to dress sexily, have a drink, chat, a slow seduction and then the fireworks. Thinking that would also kill a bit of time till Mr. got home. However that’s not what happened. Ron kept calling to push up the meeting till it was actually pretty early. He also said that I should leave the door open and be waiting in the bedroom naked and ready. So much for the slow seduction and chit chat.

About 10 minutes before he was to arrive I went in the bedroom and took off all of my clothes, as he had instructed, and laid there waiting. Oh my gawd, soooo horny. I couldn’t believe how excited i was.

I heard the door open and close and knew that he was there. My heart skipped a beat and my crotch started throbbing. I couldn’t believe how excited I was. I really wished that Mr. could be here because he would have loved to see how wet and horny I was. I also wanted him there because I love watching him suck Ron’s cock. Well he wasn’t there, but I was…

He came in to the bedroom, stood in front of me , took off his clothes and told me to open my legs. He immediately started to go down on me. So fucking good! I came almost immediately. He kept at it. I was going nuts, I was so into him being there that I almost forgot to text Mr. and tell him to hurry home cuz his wife’s pussy was getting eaten. And eaten well at that! I decided ( knowing that he was either at the dinner or driving ) to leave him another message in his voice mail with the sounds of what was going on in our bedroom. I know that would make his cock huge.

In the mean time I was getting fucked doggy, missionary, and riding his cock. Oh it was sooooo good. I came two more times and decided that I need to go down on Ron. I love the way his cock feels in my mouth. He came almost immediately after I started blow him. He wanted to cum on my tits…so I let him. So hot watching this handsome sexy guy cum on me. Made me horny all over again.

We made out for a while longer and he went down on me again. Mmmmm so good. I came for the fourth time and then knew that I was officially done for the night. Ron laughed when I told him that, kissed me again and we started to get dressed. We chatted about how much we wished that Mr had been there but that we still had fun ( to say the least). We started to talk about other things when I heard Mr.in the hallway. I guess he heard the chatter of everyday conversation and figured out that the party was over. Sorry honey. Next time.

After Ron left Mr had me recount the evenings details and “punished me ” a little for being such a selfish slut. Another time about that.

One Response to “Her Side Of The Story”
  1. kinkydesoto says:

    That sounds wonderful, in every way possible.

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