Sex & The Bi Couple

We were looking for a couple to play with & found one with a hung bi man.  We played with the couple, as a foursome, it was really hot and sexy and decided that we would like to see them again.  The couple lives a couple of hours away from us so the playing was really hampered by distance and schedules.  Finally Mrs.  received a text from the wife that they would be in our area the next week asking if we wanted to meet up for brunch and play, she responded.  Of course we did!

The day before they were to visit  Mrs. got her period, while never an issue for me, we don’t play during this time.  Mrs asked the couple if they wanted to reschedule because she was out of commission.  They asked if Mr could “come out and play” and never one to miss a good show Mrs said that was a great idea.  Mrs informed me of the change in plans.  I thought it would be fun and hoped that work would not get in the way.

The four of us met for brunch. It was interesting being in a crowded restaurant, filled with people taking a break from their work day.  Really sexy knowing that e the four of us were having a meal before we were to retreat to our place for an afternoon of hardcore sex.  We chatted about work, life, family and some swinging stories since we last met.  We finished our meal and the waiter brought the check, we paid & headed back to our place.

Once home I  needed to address some emergent work issues. While waiting for me Mrs had something to smoke with the couple and made herself a drink.  I guess it was taking me longer than I had thought because 20 minutes later the Mrs came to tell me and that the couple was fine with just hanging out since it  seemed that I couldn’t participate because of work.  I  said I would be done in 5 minutes.

As I walked back to where the couple had been chatting with Mrs I see the wife sucking, the now naked, husband’s big thick hard cock(he is 5’10” ripped body & 8″ very thick).  His wife was still dressed so I helped her out of her sundress (she is 5’8 curvy with big DDD tits) and began sucking her tits.  While this was happening her husband took my cock out and began sucking it.  Okay so far it’s worth a work break.  All this time the Mrs. is just sitting at the table smiling, drinking  and watching the action.  Her own live porn, show but better because her lover was in the center of the action!

At some point we took it in the bedroom where I face fucked the wife while the husband was fucking her pussy.  All three of us were moaning and talking very dirty about the action.  Not to be left out Mrs. kept involved (still drinking wine) by asking “Do you love his cock? Are you enjoying them fucking your pussy? and more!”  We moved to the bed where I began fucking her (she moaned about how much she loved my “big thick cock in her tight wet pussy”) and her husband rimmed my ass at the same time.  Then I moved over to let her husband fuck her while I ate her clit, this was more than she could take and she came very hard.

I decided to hold back for a few, observe with Mrs, so that I could fuck the shit out of her later.  Actually very hot to watch! A few minutes later her husband came from her sucking his cock and fingering his ass. I love how dirty she is.

We said our good byes and after they left we proceeded to eat, suck and fuck till Mrs and I  both came really hard.  All in a good days work!

Have you had that experience?

Been in a public place knowing you were going to fuck and most of the other people around you were going back to work?

Let us know

2 Responses to “Sex & The Bi Couple”
  1. Mrs. AP and I haven’t played with a couple yet, but should the day ever come I certainly hope they’re as much fun as these two were. I know I love giving a good show with another guy, and Mrs. AP is always quite appreciative.

  2. Yes, I have…it’s very arousing to know you’re taking that couple back to your home or hotel to fuck, but who knows how many of the other people in the restaurant are planning the same thing?

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