Single Man & The Couple

Last week we were very horny and both thought it would be fun to add a guy to our play. So we decided it would be a night were Mr. would suck cock for her viewing pleasure.  We went on one of our playmate finder sites and found a guy we were trying to hook up with a few months ago, IM’d him and found out that he was available.

Within 30 minutes he (Greg) was at our front door she let him in and told him that Mr. was in the bedroom ready to suck cock.  We come into the bedroom, he got undressed (nice body) took off his pants (he has a 8 1/2″ thick and HEAVY).  Mr. began to suck that cock for all he was worth (got most of it down his throat).  He got very hard and even thicker so Mrs suggested he fuck Mr in the ass!  So off to get a condom & lube!

It took a bit but finally got his cock in and fucked Mr for a bit.  Mr was dripping pre-cum the whole time. Greg was moaning and telling the Mrs. how good it felt. At this point Mrs. was still fully dressed, watching, talking & drinking a glass of wine.  After a bit of time we decided to take a break and went into the bathroom where Mr. suggested Mrs. give Greg some visuals to help him get off.

She went into the bedroom and asked him if this would help (took off her shirt).  Greg said “You have the most amazing tits and nipples.” then proceeded to suck her tits while Mr. sucked his thick hard cock.  Mr. looked up to see Greg’s fingers rubbing Mrs. pussy through her pants and expected her to move his hand (she said she did not want to play this evening) but she let him keep on going.  Mr. began to lose it and came from what he was seeing.  Still hard he kept on sucking.

Greg asked if he could eat her pussy, she said it would be fine.  Well he went down on her in a way she never felt & she came hard 2 times from this new oral technique.  She was moaning, yelling & encouraging him.  He was leaking some pre-cum into Mr’s mouth, which he eagerly lapped up.  Finally her last orgasm hit and he stopped.  Greg said he wanted to keep his orgasm for the next time, when she said he could fuck her.

2 Responses to “Single Man & The Couple”
  1. Mr. AbsinthePassion says:

    Very nice! I love the feel of a hard thick cock in my mouth. Can’t wait for next time.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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