POLL: Cheating In The New World

In a world where some people don’t consider oral sex . . . do you consider either of these things cheating?

5 Responses to “POLL: Cheating In The New World”
  1. My problem is the gray area… do I mind if Mrs. AP is involved in some steamy chats with somebody we’re establishing a rapport with and hope do take things further? Not at all, as long as I know she’s talking to somebody new. I like to check out profiles and perv pics and, when maybe read the sexy chat later so I know what he’s into.

    It’s all a trust issue. I trust her to flirt and maybe more and let me know the important parts later. She does the same with me. It’s only cheating if we start hiding things from each other.

    • That is very insightful. I am the same way. Mr.

    • FreakyV says:

      I talk constantly to other men, chatting, tenting and sending emails. I also send photo’s. I am very open that I do this. If my boyfriend would like to read conversations or know who I am talking too he can ask. He does not talk about chatting this way with others. If he was, I would consider it cheating if he has not informed me that he does it. That would lower my trust in him. I do not care if he does it, I just want to know about it so it doesn’t seem hidden.

  2. kdaddy23 says:

    This has always been an interesting topic in the Internet age because, until this came along, no one really paid much attention to emotional infidelity. My lady knows that I’m flirty, love to chat, and depending on the person, get very saucy with them… and it has zero impact on our relationship. Likewise, I’ve watched her flirt and chat online and in ways that would make the average person blush… and all it means is absolutely nothing.

    However, despite some changes in how we view sex and relationships, a lot of people are still deeply embedded in a relationship mode that is thousands of years old making it possible today for emotional infidelity to become a problem because when they say, “Keep only unto yourself…” that also means one’s mind as well as their body.

    Excellent poll topic!

  3. suggestivetongue says:

    I voted yes to both because I think different people have different definitions of cheating. I wouldn’t presume that phone sex was OK with my partner unless I asked first.

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