a reluctant fourth


It’s always exciting to meet a new couple that you connect with, right?  The electricity, the chemistry, the excitement and the …..apprehension.  You already know that you love talking to them, socializing with them and being with them but will the play be as much fun.  Unfortunately you never know till you are actually in the sack.

With us that’s exactly what happened.  We met this great educated, attractive, funny, and interesting couple while on vacation.  After talking and connecting for a couple of hours, and a couple of drinks, we all agreed that playing was definitely on the menu for the evening.  We all checked in with each other to assess where we all were and everyone was actually pretty much gung ho, except for Mrs #2.  Me being Mrs. #1 of course.  She said that she wanted to play and that she was always a slow starter but that yes she thought that this sounded fun.  Feeling that she was a bit unsure I pulled her aside and again asked her ( while the men were not around) if she was really into this.  She said yes.  So it was off to the races….or a jog at a minimum.

We went up to our hotel room and both couples started out together.  Couple number 1 (us) were definitely ready for the games to begin. It looked like couple #2 were also on their way as they were making out and she  had all of her clothes off and was starting to kneel down to go down on her Mr.  All good so far.  We ll went over to the bed and started to tangle up.  Here’s where it got a bit weird.  Mrs. number two was really into holding our hands during play and she was definitely into gal breast play, but let me tell you THAT WAS IT.  It was really a bit odd.  Anytime that either I or my hubby started to touch  her or move towards her she would grab our hand like she was on a very scary roller coaster ride.  Maybe she was???  As her hubby fucked her she put her hand over her face.  As he started to move towards me and my hubby moved towards her she turned away from him..did she think her back was that much of a turn on? NAH!  Anyway at this point I looked at Mr. and motioned to him that we should stop.  And he was right there with me.   Obviously it’s was not going to be  fun or the slightest bit relaxing if one out of four was out of the play and or uncomfortable.  We all wrapped it up and said our goodbyes.  After they left we both looked at each other and said.  What the fuck was that????

We then stayed up for several hours talking and playing by ourselves ( our favorite thing to do anyway). In our conversations we did come to one very important decision/conclusion.  If our gut is telling us that someone isn’t into it, they are not into it.  We agreed that people will sometimes want to please their partner and will go along with things that they may not be up for. We definitely do not want to be a party to that. We also decided that in the future we would rather error on the side of conservatism and pass on something rather than be put in a situation again where we feel like we are contributing to someone being a part on something that they are unsure of.

Ladies , if your not feeling it, pass!


4 Responses to “a reluctant fourth”
  1. Wonderful advice. I always try to err on the side of caution as well, and it’s served me well in the past.

    During our one visit to an on-premise club Mrs. AP was so nervous she gave off the vibe of not wanting to play, but she got very much into it once the action started. It was well worth pushing through the nerves for.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. blinkspunk says:

    Great advice and honestly, husband #2 is at fault here. Perhaps he was too eager to notice or perhaps he didn’t want to see her discomfort, but he should’ve caught that vibe as well and stopped play; if only to guard his wife. Shame you guys had to deal with that.

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