For Bi Guys On The Threshold

This is such a well written piece on bi men coming out, though it was worth sharing.

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(A note on language and inclusivity: I typically use a lot of specialized language like cisgender and heteronormativity, and do stuff to ensure that I’m specifically inclusive of asexual and transgender people, but in this article I am focusing on American bisexual male-identified persons who are not necessarily up on queer theory and academic jargon. I talk about attraction to “men” and “women” because my intended audience are men who by definition have not spent a lot of time in queer circles or taken a lot of classes on gender and sexual orientation. This is Queer 101, or maybe even Queer 050. I am not excluding anyone, I am writing for a specific audience rather than the more general one I usually aim for. Thanks.)

Welcome, Bi Men About To Come Out!

Hi! I’m not sure if we’ve met, but that’s OK, I do know that we’re a lot alike…

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