Review & Giveaway Info

Product Reviews:

The Accidental Swingers will accept products for honest reviews on our blog. We accept products that are relevant to us & our audience.  We thrive on wine, clothing, adult toys, adult videos and travel.  If you think you have a product or service that we may be interested please e-mail us at


To have a giveaway hosted please e-mail us at

In your e-mail please give the following information:Name and a little about your company

  1. Item you are looking to giveaway (link to product or image will work)
  2. Any special rules you would like to have along with the giveaway (sites to look at, follow on twitter, etc.–please limit to 3)
  3. Any other pertinent information.

I typically post giveaways for 7 days, but if you would like it shorter or longer we am willing to do that.  During that time we will add information to the bottom of each blog post, do twitter posts and add the information on the sidebar of  the blog.

We use to randomly select a winner and give the winner 3 business days  to e-mail me their contact information.  If we don’t hear from them we will pick a new winner. Once we receive the information from them we will send it to you, and you will be responsible for sending the product to the winner at your cost in a timely manner.


Those  interested in publishing one of blog posts please contact us at to get rates on republishing costs.


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