a reluctant fourth

  It’s always exciting to meet a new couple that you connect with, right?  The electricity, the chemistry, the excitement and the …..apprehension.  You already know that you love talking to them, socializing with them and being with them but will the play be as much fun.  Unfortunately you never know till you are actually in … Continue reading

Sex & The Bi Couple

We were looking for a couple to play with & found one with a hung bi man.  We played with the couple, as a foursome, it was really hot and sexy and decided that we would like to see them again.  The couple lives a couple of hours away from us so the playing was … Continue reading

Is It More Than A Number?

  Lately we have been asked by people how often we swing (adding one or more to our sexual play)?  When we answer some pretty kinky people have been surprised, which surprised us.  So we ask is it more than a number?  Please vote & share your thoughts!

How Do You Swing? (Poll)

Our first poll!

Big Club Visit

We have been entertaining ( and fantasizing about)  the thought of going to a big swinger’s club for a while.  We would put it on the calendar and either life got in the way or something else would seem just as fun in the moment.  Still we were determined.  We waited till the timing was … Continue reading

Swinging & Open Relationships: Is There A Difference?

What the difference is between swinging and open relationships? We can’t answer this question for every couple, just us, we believe swinging involves trust, strong communication and the ability to see the other person’s side of the story. Our relationship is not open, neither one of us can just fuck whoever we please (although the … Continue reading